Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm baaaacckk....

Ok, after desperate entreaties (polite enquiries) from many of my followers (two cousins and a friend from church) I have decided to jump back on the blogging band-wagon. I'm not quite sure how I fell off, because there is plenty to talk/ photograph/ eat/ cook/ write about. I guess I am busy, but no more than pretty much every other person I know. I'm actually surprised that when I went back to my blog, the last post was in December, I feel that I have plenty of things to write about that according to my diary (in my head only...and trolling through old emails) actually happened in November.

And I think that is the crux of the matter - that there is just SO much to write about. And where to begin. Do I start from now and keep going? Or do I look back at my list and try and re-hash (get it? the foodie reference??) the events/ dinners/ circumstances.

I think I will try a combination of the two, and to keep me honest I will put a list here of blog topics that I want to write about (from the recent past).

Cooking for 20+ for a weekend at craft camp - not just the cooking, but the fun of talking it over with my co-conspirator Michelle, the planning and the shopping.
GingerBread House Decorating - too much fun...and also a little too serious....
Austi Women's Night Out: Food for body and soul - recent cooking demonstration at my church.
Christmas - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Week before Christmas family Christmas celebration - you get the drift.
An amazing Champagne Hour Champagne Tasting - 4 bottles of top notch champagne, 5 thirsty girls...

So many new restaurants/ cafes opened in the northern suburbs of Wollongong towards the end of last year! All are still open! And there is not really anyone else writing (good) restaurant reviews. Some of the places we've been to:
The Point - new cafe on Point St Bulli - rough review: good
Sea Salt - where Ruby's used to be - rr: not good
Flanagan's - at Thirroul. Have blogged a work lunch but have since been there for dinner and lunch again - rr: great
New sushi place in Woonona (the name escapes me right now...aahh thank you google - it's Sushi Moon) - rr: good with reservations
Gone Burgers - hip & funky beer and burger place in a Woonona laneway (who would have thought Woonona was NSW's answer to Melbourne?) - rr: good
The Bar Next Door to Samuels - aka TBNDS. Where the cool kids go - rr:great
Chedo's - at Coledale. An oldie, but a goodie. rr: good
One on Park at Woonona. Dan's workplace, but it would be good anyway. rr: good
Bon Aroma - had a lovely Christmas get-together with "the girls" with an absolutely hilarious meal. rr: interesting
Berry Sourdough Bakery - on the way to camping - rr: great
The Gelati Clinic, Bermagui - holiday time - rr: fantastic
Mimosa Winery, near Bermagui - luxury lunch - rr: good
Cream, Bermagui - great cakes, great coffee, always the first place we head to - rr:great
Montague Cafe, Bermagui - and I wonder why my nephew-in-law calls us "cafe campers" - rr: good

Cookbook and books about cooks reviews:
I gave, received, read and even compiled some great cookbooks since Christmas, mainly:
The Songs of Sapa- Luke Nguyen
Food Safari - Maeve O'Mara

Camping - we had some fantastic meals while we were camping. Including:
A seafood extravaganza for Nick's birthday
Yum Cha - yes, whilst camping, then repeated a fortnight later...
A birthday breakfast extravaganza

The cooking roster also continues, pretty much without fuss (from me that is). Everyone is starting to get their specialities, which I will let you know about.

Onions vs Shallots vs Spring onions - I think this is what did my head in and made me stop blogging - way too much research...
New Year's Eve on Cockatoo Island- the food was good, but the experience was fantastic

And if you've read this far, my most ambitious idea for the year ahead is a Cookbook Swap. I'm still working on the logistics and the fine print, but I hope to go ahead with it soon. I'm thinking along the same lines as a clothes swap, but am still working on it. Any suggestions gratefully received...

So, sorry there's no photos this time around, I'm on the wrong computer. Please let me know what you would like to hear about first, plus I'll be keeping current - the aim is to blog at least twice a week.


  1. Welcome back Suzanne! Sounds like you've been busy :)Looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. Woo hoo...

    I thought the meal we had out with the Bulli girls must have "broke the blog"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still waiting for the review LOL

    Good to see you back :)

  3. Hi Jody,
    that meal was hilarious, the food was so bizarre I just have to write it up. I think I've still got the photos...

  4. Yay! The Blog is back. Wow, that list makes you look very culinarily clever. (Wow, I can't believe that culinarily is a word and didn't get a squiggly red line under it!)

    Looking forward to more posts - but don't pressure yourself into making it a burden, it's meant to be a pleasure. It's the blog for the woman, not the woman for the blog. xx

  5. Hi Suzanne, great blog is back as you can see it has takenme awhile to catch up I hope you have still got photo's of the meal at Bon Aroma!!