Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An exciting addition to our family...

... kitchen!

We are getting a new oven and stove-top! Finally I will be able to experience cooking with gas.
This ad is from 1957. Our kitchen is not quite that old, though it did have some very "tasteful" orange lino before we renovated our kitchen, which was just after Dan was born so that makes it umm... about 17 years old. Wow, it has lasted well.

When we looked at ovens/ stoves back then, the all-in-one units had a non-removable bottom on them, that meant it wouldn't fit in the space under the chimney (where the old wood fire oven would have been back in the day). Fast forward to now, and they come with removable legs, so it WILL fit in the space.

And, it's 90cm wide, with a 108 litre functional capacity. I think our current one is about 45 litres, so it will be very exciting to be able to cook lots of muffins, pizzas, biscuits etc at once.
It's an Omega, the cheaper version of the Smeg. (The salespeople like to assure this us that this is just like VW and Porsche, but I know which one I'd rather drive if money was no object, and no it's not the Beetle.) Rick likes this analogy however, and for the price, the shape of the knobs and the lack of desire to have too many features, I am MORE than happy with the Omega.

This is a show-room shot, as it's not actually installed yet. Hopefully it won't be too long before it's up and running. I wonder what I should make to christen our new addition?


  1. Wow, how exciting!

    I think you should go to town on the christening ... roast, muffins, pizza, wedges, pastries etc.... definitely including a cake or souffle to test the circulation.

    Happy to help with consumption, by the way :)

  2. Oooh pretty pretty! I sympathise as I was without an oven for ages but now am in love with my new oven! :)